SEO marked out on a table in scrabble pieces

Having On-Page SEO Included with Website Design Is A No Brainer

Having On-Page SEO Included with Website Design Is A No Brainer

SEO marked out on a table in scrabble pieces

You’ve decided your business needs a new website, or you want to replace your old website with a brand spanking new one.

If you don’t have the skills, inclination or time to do it, getting a website design company such as I.T Smart UK is your next natural step.

But before you do anything….

Remember, not all websites are built the same.

You can spend a lot of money with a company who solely concentrate on the design, without a single thought about on-page SEO.

You would think the web design company employed, would make sure that all the tags, headers and descriptions are done properly? Well unfortunately, we find they aren’t, if they’re done at all!

How do we know this?

We work on SEO for a lot of companies, and some of these companies have just had brand new websites built by other web designers. We see for ourselves how little thought or effort has been made on on-page SEO.

Here at I.T Smart UK we find it’s just a simple conversation and a little understanding on how customers would find your website and then a tiny bit of effort to add those findings to each webpage.

This is what we mean by “Drama Free I.T.”

So the next time you’re looking for a new website, come and have a chat with one of our professionals at I.T Smart UK, we believe in building incredible website WITH on-page SEO built in.

We can also help you set up the various Google products needed to help your website rank and if you would like us to help you climb and sustain search engine rankings, we also offer a very competitive SEO service.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is when all the header tags, descriptions, alt & title tags for images are filled in correctly. It can also refer to the actual text on the page to include links and key words.

Marco Walker

Marco has been working in website marketing since the late 90s and has worked with many leading SEO gurus from the States and UK, adopting tried and tested white paper methods on making websites successful.

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