Website Portfolio

A great mixture of websites we have recently built. From websites showcasing their business to e-Commerce websites selling goods and services online. We build SEO friendly websites as standard, for more details contact us.

Tarka Springs
A website with plenty of animation
PAF Hereford
A website with a lot of content
Banks & Bay Developments
Portfolio based website
Colcombe House Cider
Showcasing a brand plus e-Commerce
Slim With The Mind
Membership & e-Commerce
Ady Watts
Showcasing premium products
Janine Loves Travel
Bringing a business to life!
A fantastic seasonal holiday website
A fantastic shop brought to life online

What is an e-Commerce website?

An e-Commerce website is basically a website where you can buy goods or services online, using an electronic money transaction, in other words using your credit / debit card or PayPal account, Apple Pay etc.

In 2020 global e-Commerce transactions reached $27 trillion!