Hands-On Website Consultancy
We will work on your website inside and out to make it a success...
Hands-On Website Consultancy
We will work on your website inside and out to make it a success...

How does the I.T Smart Hands-On Website Consultancy work, and what will it do for my website?

We are glad you asked, we will start working on your ….


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is where we look at what traffic you would like to attract through the free search engine results pages. Think of Google’s first page, under the ads and that’s our goal.

More information can be found on the SEO page of our website.


Make no bones about it, speed is an integral part of your website. There are stats that Google have published saying that the longer your webpages take to load the less chance you have to convert your visitors – so speed is an extremely important factor, especially for eCommerce websites.

We have tools which will tell us what’s slowing your website down so we can improve, fix or reduce the file sizes of the culprit/s.


Your website needs to be secure and encrypted, especially if you are asking your customers to fill in forms or even pay on your website. We will work hard to make sure that your website is secure and using the latest in encryption technology.


Traffic goes hand in hand with SEO. However, you can also look at other avenues to get you traffic including social media, forums and blogs. We will investigate the best way to achieve ultimate quality traffic.


Without good browsing experience customers will hop off your website and go elsewhere.

We will make sure that all processes work and that your customers can fly around your website with ease and without complication.

The great thing about IT Smart’s Hands On Website Consultancy package is that you can just leave us to get on with it whilst you get on and do what’s best, looking after your business.

“We believe if something can go wrong, will go wrong.. so we never leave anything to chance.”


  1. More quality traffic
  2. Better website presents
  3. Improved security
  4. Superior customer experience

Resulting in more sales, leads & conversions.


We want to know everything; including your business, brand and customer demographics via either a friendly video call, telephone or a good old in-person meeting. We have lots of questions too ask and want to listen to what you want to achieve.


It’s extremely difficult to price unless we see your website first, some websites need less work than others!

Call us on 01432 830083 or fill in the form below and put your website in good hands.