Smart SEO Packages

IT.Smart UK work with quite a number of companies in Hereford and UK wide helping them achieve smart presence online. 

SMART SEO is all about getting your website to rank for keywords / search terms that bring you in money or the results you are looking for. We take our time to understand your business strategies and goals before applying our SEO methods. 

It's about quality traffic not just quantity

Search engine optimisation what does it mean?

In it’s basic form, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO means setting up your website so that search engines understand your business. If a search engine understands your business, it can then recommend your website to your potential customers or audience when they search for your products or services.

However, there are many forms of SEO which can give your website a boost up the rankings giving your website plenty of impressions* and, in turn, increasing your website traffic.

I.T Smart UK only uses natural and white hat* strategies, future proofing your rankings*.

Our SEO packages suit all businesses who are looking to improve their rankings on Google and other search engines.


Impressions = The amount of times your website shows up when people search for your products or services.

White Hat = I think it was Google who coined the term white hat. It’s a way of describing how to set up a website without misleading search engines. If you decide to mislead a search engine, for example by putting invisible text on your webpage stuffed with keywords, this is known as black hat and if you get caught you will be banned from the search engines.

Rankings = This is where your website appears when someone searches for one of your products or services. So if you sell red tennis shoes and you are on the 1st page of google at number 3 for that search term, this is high up the rankings of Google.

How much does it cost?

Some websites are in a crowded market place, or larger websites will need more time and effort in order to achieve maximum potential so expect your monthly cost to be higher. We will need to look at your website first before giving you a price.

We also advise you to allow at least 3 months for our work to show significant differences in your web traffic and search engine rankings.

Call us on 01432 830083 or fill in the form below and get your website in front of potential customers.


If you’d prefer to learn how to do SEO, we have a 1 to 1 SEO training course available.