Illustration of where Cookie is on website

What is cookie consent?

What is cookie consent?

Illustration of where Cookie is on website

Cookie consent explained...

A cookie consent banner is a pop-up message or notification that appears on websites informing visitors that the site uses cookies and asking for their consent to store or access these cookies on their device.

What are cookies again?

Cookies are small files that websites store on a user’s computer to remember information about them, such as preferences or login details. 

What does the banner do?

The banner typically provides options for users to accept or decline the use of cookies, and often includes links to the site’s privacy policy for more information.

Why do we need cookie consent on our UK based website?

The ICO have set out in legislation that:

“You must tell people if you set cookies, and clearly explain what the cookies do and why. You must also get the user’s consent. Consent must be actively and clearly given.”

Google Consent Mode V2 graphic

What is Google Consent Mode V2 and is it important?

Google Consent Mode version 2 (Consent Mode v2) is an updated tool from Google to help website owners manage user consent and privacy rules more effectively.

It’s like a smart system that helps websites follow privacy laws. Consent Mode v2 is more advanced than the previous version, allowing websites to better adjust their behaviour based on what users agree to. It gives website owners more control over how their website collects and uses data, letting them manage different types of data separately. This helps websites comply with various privacy regulations, not just one specific law. Consent Mode v2 still works closely with Google tags like Google Analytics and Google Ads, making it easier for website owners to handle consent settings within those tools.

Overall, Consent Mode v2 is a step forward in helping websites respect users’ privacy preferences while still being able to use important tools for understanding website traffic and advertising.

Is it important?

You bet your bottom dollar it’s important!

Without consent, Google Analytics and Google Ads simply won’t give you information on what people are doing on your website, if they convert into sales or leads (which is highly important for Google Ads) and other metrics which helps you understand how traffic performs on your website.

Not knowing this is like driving down the motorway blindfolded.

Need help?

If you require assistance in achieving compliance for your website, get in touch.

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