Blog with the earth as the o

Promote Your Business With A Blog

Promote Your Business With A Blog

Blog with the earth as the o

“A blog!?”

“What the hell am I going to write about?”

“My customers won’t read it…”

We’ve heard it all before, business owners and managers not confident in writing a memo let alone a blog which potentially could be read around the world.

So why would I write a blog?

Well first and foremost search engines, especially the main one Google, love new content. According to many experts “Content is King”.

Well let’s think about it, if it wasn’t for new content spilling out onto web pages each day it would be like a book, “right I’ve read the internet, what’s next!?”

Search engines and ‘the like’, need new content to put their adverts on, to keep traffic moving, to keep people addicted to their web browsers. New blogs and pages are their best friend.

Search engines are really keen on new content as this helps the internet go round.

This is why you should write a blog, the more blogs you release the more Google and other search engines will crawl your site, and if you do it right* and people read your posts, the more people they will send your way.

*You can’t just write any old dribble, websites are wise to this. If people click on and off your site or page within a matter of seconds, they will get wise to this and will mark you down.

But I Don’t Know What To Write…

You, the business owner or manager, will know your product or service like the back of your hand otherwise you wouldn’t be in or setting up a business.

What seems obvious to you, won’t be obvious to the normal person on the street, they wouldn’t have been through the same thought processes you have so get it down on a blog.

Be an authoritative voice in your sector, that way people will read your blog and once you’ve written your first post, the next will get easier.

Marco Walker

Marco has been working in website marketing since the late 90s and has worked with many leading SEO gurus from the States and UK, adopting tried and tested white paper methods on making websites successful.

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