Looking on goole at keywords

Audit Your Rankings

Audit Your Rankings

Looking on goole at keywords

If you are questioning whether your website is meeting it’s full search potential the chances are, it’s not. Now is the time to start auditing your rankings and look at your positions on SERPs (search engine results pages).

There are many online tools out there which will give you your rankings. However they can be very confusing and some are extremely expensive and sometimes give you a dated result.

There is another way, which is free and shouldn’t take you an awfully long time if you have about 20 keywords you’d like to audit. It involves an excel spreadsheet (or similar), a list of the keywords you would like to rank high for and a browser which allows private browsing.

So load up your browser and open up a private browsing window. On Chrome it’s called incognito and new private window in Safari.

Then put together a spreadsheet like the example below and start searching.

This may seem a long winded and archaic way of doing things however, if you have a few keywords you want to search for, it’s free and very easy to do.

You will also get to see who else ranks for these keywords, giving you a real insight into your competition online.

Marco Walker

Marco has been working in website marketing since the late 90s and has worked with many leading SEO gurus from the States and UK, adopting tried and tested white paper methods on making websites successful.

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